Pools & Kicking: How I Discovered Cause & Effect

I love water and I love to kick my legs. In a body of water, I find the perfect blend of danger and fun. I might drown but probably one of my parents is holding onto me.

Most nights, Mother gives me a bath. It is part of my bedroom routine but just between you and me, I have a feeling Mother and Papa just want me to use up the last of my energy reserves before they try to sleep.

My bathtub is great fun! Soon as I hit the water, my adoring fans clap and cheer and beg me to…you’ll never believe this…KICK MY LEGS. They love it! This is how I have discovered what my Mother calls “cause and effect”. It works like this: if I kick my legs (cause), everyone cheers (effect). Apparently this theory applies to other areas of life. I shall have to experiment with making demands . . .

I would include a video of these activities (link below) my mother says posting naked videos on the internet is frowned upon. I practice my kicking on dry land as well.