My first expedition to the Heartland


I apologize for this story being so late. My writer, Mother, claims that my ‘high maintenance ways’ are to be blamed. Whatever. I think she’s being dramatic. Anyway…

Last month I travelled to the land of my mother’s birth far, far away in a state called Missouri. We stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Harder’s farm. I finally met the rest of Harder aunts and uncles, all of whom were quite taken with me. They took me swimming, tested out my startle reflex until I thought I would have a heart attack, and tried to get me to smile. Since it is now developmentally appropriate for me to smile, I decided to humor them and smile a bit.

My grandfather installed something called a “zip line”. My father declared it was time for an adventure that exceeded anything else I ever experienced. He put me inside a backpack right before we went sailing across land and water for a perfectly executed landing! Boy, I can’t wait until I can walk and do such things myself!

After the zip line, I was given an honorary (but temporary) Skypirate award on my arm. I have now been on an adventure!

I also went flying. Well, not exactly but it was almost as good as the real thing! Aunt Charlotte tied a dashing red bandana to me. This served as my cape. Before I knew, magnificent music filled the air and I could feel the wind rushing through my hair! After my flight, I fell asleep in Aunt Charlotte’s arms. A pilot needs his beauty sleep you know.

Aunt Eileen heard that I was fond of baths, so she set up my own private swimming pool. Every time they put me in the water, may people came to watch. My Mother says I “sweat like a man” and that I’m “a stinky baby” so I welcomed these dips in the pool. A gentleman should smell good and I am definitely a gentleman. Never mind that I scream for my food at times…

It was so hot in Missouri, sometimes I couldn’t stay awake.

I got to just hang out and relax. Here I am thinking about leaking on my uncle’s bed.

I am grateful for all the big people who look out for and care about me!