I am born.

Athanasius contra mundum.

For my first contrary act against the world, I will make my entrance 13 days late.

Hi! I am Athanasius Friedl. I was born May 3, the day after the Catholic Church venerates the great contrarian saint, Athanasius of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church, Father of Orthodoxy. Look out Jesuits and communists!

I come to you at a happy 7 pounds 6 ounces, and I grew this luscious hair for this grand day because my second contrary act was to look as much like a monkey when I was born as possible, in defiance of my father.

The home birth went very well! I was pleased to have such a fabulous audience for my grand arrival.

Thank you, midwives, grandmother, girl Alex, and my papa, the one-eyed fellow (he seems fun, I think I will like him). Oh yes, and mother; thanks for your hairy baby genes. How many boys are born with fur on their backs?

And thanks for all the prayers! Mother was quite impatient the last few days waiting for her magnum opus to arrive so she probably needed them.

Mother had to go to the hospital about an hour after I got there. My former home, the placenta, did not exit after me. So, we went on an adventure to the hospital where I stayed overnight with mother and papa.

I don’t know if these two know what they are doing but they seem to like me. I am pleased.

I look forward to meeting all of you!

Love, scowls, and Truth,

Athanasius Robertus Friedl